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DROPS film flow example The software package DROPS is a CFD tool for simulating two-phase flows.

It is developed at the Chair of Numerical Mathematics at the RWTH Aachen. Part of the development is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) via the Collaborative Research Center SFB 540.


DynManif example DynManif is a tool to compute attractive invariant tori in a family of continuous dynamical systems.


MSlib example The Multiscale Library (MSLib) is a package of C++ libraries containing data structures, functions and classes for realizing multilevel methods for numerically solving certain elliptic operator equations. In particular, the use of wavelets for different kind of elliptic partial differential and integral equations is provided.

The library consists of two main parts, one for handling general problems from numerical linear algebra and the other devoted to the multilevel requirements.


WinPDADG example WinCAG has been especially designed for teaching and learning (Descriptive) Geometry. It aids the visual understanding of essential aspects and interrelations of different geometric phenomena. Varying the viewpoint the drawings starts moving, which clarifies the shapes of the projected 3d objects. This is the key for spatial geometric cognition. Furthermore, a simple drawing can only illustrate a special situation of a statement, for instance Thales’ Theorem. The universal validity can be recognised by changing the parameters in such a manner, that all situations appear as in a film. The changes can be done in two different ways: Dragging with the mouse or running predefined modifications in a special presentation mode. The latter one is used as add-on for teaching Descriptive Geometry.


WinPDADG example WinPDADG uses a simple house (or tower) with sloped roofs to demonstrate the influence on the realistic effect of a drawing caused by different ways of projection, different directions of the projective beams and different positions of the image plane.