220 IGPM220.pdf        July 2017
TITLE Dynamics of Collapsing Bubbles Near Walls
AUTHORS Sigrid Andreae, Josef Ballmann, Siegfried Müller, Alexander Voß
ABSTRACT The influence of an adjacent wall on a collapsing bubble is investigated numerically. For this purpose, the two phase fluid is modeled by a single equation of state using the van der Waals equation of state and applying the Maxwell construction in the mixture region. Thereby the possibility of phase transition is included. The numerical simulations are performed using an adaptive finite volume scheme where the grid refinement strategy is based on multiresolution techniques.
PUBLICATION Hyperbolic problems : theory, numerics, applications : proceedings of the 9. International Conference held in CalTech, Pasadena, March 25 - 29, 2002/ Thomas Y. Hou, Eitan Tadmore, eds
265-272 (2003)