Prof. Dr. Herty

Prof. Dr. Michael Herty

Institut für Geometrie und Praktische Mathematik

RWTH Aachen University
Raum 240
Templergraben 55 RWTH Navigator
52062 Aachen, Germany

phone: +49 - 241 - 80 94510
mail: (last_name) AT

Research interests

  • Hyperbolic Conservation and Balance Laws
  • Kinetic and Meanfield Theory
  • Inverse Problems and Nonlinear Optimization
  • Control and Stabilization

Conference Information

Editorial Boards

  • Networks and Heterogenous Media
  • Communications in Mathematical Research
  • Communications in Applied and Industrial Mathematics
  • Annali dell'Universita' di Ferrara -- Sezione VII - Scienze Matematiche

Selected Publications

  • Christian Fiedler, Michael Herty, Michael Rom, Chiara Segala, Sebastian Trimpe, Reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces in the mean field limit, Kinetic and Related Models, 2023
  • M. Herty, L. Pareschi, G. Visconti, Mean field models for large data–clustering problems, Special Issue on “Mathematical Models for Collective Dynamics”, 2020
  • Giacomo Borghi, Michael Herty, Lorenzo Pareschi, Constrained consensus-based optimization, SIAM Optimization, 2022
  • A. Bressan, S. Canic, M. Garavello, M. Herty, B. Piccoli - Flows on networks: recent results and perspectives, EMS Surveys in Mathematical Sciences, 2015
  • Saskia Räuber, Christopher Nelke, Christina B. Schroeter, Marc Pawlitzki, Jens Ingwersen, Katja Akgün, Rene Günther, Alejandra P. Garza, Michaela Marggraf, Ildiko Rita Dunay, Stefanie Schreiber, Stefan Vielhaber, Tjalf Ziemssen, Nico Melzer, Tobias Ruck, Sven G. Meuth and Michal Herty: Classifying flow cytometry data using bayesian analysis helps to distinguish ALS patients from healthy control, Frontiers in Immunology, 2023
  • Michael Herty, Ferdinand Thein, Stabilization of a Multi-Dimensional System of Hyperbolic Balance Laws, Math. Control and Related Fields, 2023