227 RWTH Publication No: 47175        2003        IGPM227.pdf
TITLE Parallel Multilevel Tetrahedral Grid Refinement
AUTHORS Sven Groß, Arnold Reusken
ABSTRACT In this paper we introduce and analyze a parallel version of a multilevel red/green local refinement algorithm for tetrahedral meshes. The serial version of this algorithm is presented in [6, 7]. We introduce a new data distribution format that is very suitable for parallelization of the multilevel refinement algorithm. This format is called an admissible hierarchical decomposition. We will prove that the application of the parallel refinement algorithm to an input admissible hierarchical decomposition yields an admissible hierarchical decomposition. We will show that due to this property one has good data locality (hence little communication) and at the same time only a small amount of copies (small storage overhead).
KEYWORDS tetrahedral grid refinement, parallelization, stable refinement, consistent triangulations
DOI 10.1137/S1064827503425237
PUBLICATION SIAM journal on scientific computing
26(4), 1261-1288 (2005)