233 RWTH Publication No: 47170        2003        IGPM233.pdf
TITLE Riemann Problem for the Euler Equation with Non-Convex Equation of State including Phase Transitions
AUTHORS Wolfgang Dahmen, Siegfried Müller, Alexander Voß
ABSTRACT An exact Riemann solver is developed for the investigation of non-classical wave phenomena in BZT and which undergo a phase transition. Here we outline the basic construction principles of this Riemann solver employing a general equation of state that takes negative nonlinearity and phase transition into account. This exact Riemann solver is a useful validation tool for numerical schemes, in particular, when applied to the aforementioned As an application, we present some numerical results where we consider fields exhibiting non-classical wave phenomena due to BZT and phase transition.
KEYWORDS Euler Equation, Wave Part, Rarefaction Wave, Riemann Problem, Shock Speed
DOI 10.1007/3-540-27907-5_7
PUBLICATION Analysis and numerics for conservation laws : with 18 tables / Gerald Warnecke (ed.)
137-162 (2005)