234 RWTH Publication No: 47153        2003        IGPM234.pdf
TITLE Wave Processes at Interfaces
AUTHORS Sigrid Andreae, Josef Ballmann, Siegfried Müller
ABSTRACT We investigate the interaction of shock waves in a heavy gas with embedded light gas bubbles next to a rigid wall. This may give insight regarding cavitation processes in water. Due to the highly dynamical, unsteady processes under consideration we use an adaptive FV scheme for the computations to resolve accurately all physically relevant effects. The results are validated by comparison with tube experiments.
KEYWORDS Shock Wave, Phase Boundary, Rarefaction Wave, Riemann Problem, Acoustic Impedance
DOI 10.1007/3-540-27907-5_1
PUBLICATION Wave Processes at Interfaces. In: Warnecke, G.: Analysis and Numerics for Conservation Laws, pp 1–25, (2005)