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TITLE Fast Iterative Solvers for Discrete Stokes Equations
AUTHORS Jörg Peters, Volker Reichelt, Arnold Reusken
ABSTRACT We consider saddle point problems that result from the finite element discretization of stationary and instationary Stokes equations. Three efficient iterative solvers for these problems are treated, namely the preconditioned CG method introduced by Bramble and Pasciak, the preconditioned MINRES method and a method due to Bank et al. We give a detailed overview of algorithmic aspects and theoretical convergence results. For the method of Bank et al a new convergence analysis is presented. A comparative study of the three methods for a 3D Stokes problem discretized by the Hood-Taylor P2 − P1 finite element pair is given.
KEYWORDS Stokes equations, inexact Uzawa methods, preconditioned MINRES, multigrid
DOI 10.1137/040606028
PUBLICATION SIAM journal on scientific computing
27(2), 646-666 (2005)