299 RWTH Publication No: 47097        2009        IGPM299.pdf
TITLE Parallelisation of Multiscale-Based Grid Adaptation Using Space-Filling Curves
AUTHORS Kolja Brix, Sorana Mogosan, Siegfried Müller, Gero Schieffer
ABSTRACT The concept of fully adaptive multiscale finite volume schemes has been developed and investigated during the past decade. By now it has been successfully employed in numerous applications arising in engineering. In order to perform 3D computations for complex geometries in reasonable CPU time, the underlying multiscale-based grid adaptation strategy has to be parallelised via MPI for distributed memory architectures. In view of a proper scaling of the computational performance with respect to CPU time and memory, the load of data has to be well-balanced and communication between processors has to be minimised. This has been realised using space-filling curves.
KEYWORDS finite volume schemes, multiscale-based grid adaptation, parallelisation, load-balancing, space-filling curves
DOI 10.1051/proc/2009058
Volume 29, pp. 108-129, 2009