303 RWTH Publication No: 47104        2009        IGPM303.pdf
TITLE Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction by Nonlocal Means applied to High-Angle Annular Darkfield Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (HAADF-STEM)
AUTHORS Peter Binev, Francisco Blanco-Silva, Douglas Blom, Wolfgang Dahmen, Robert Sharpley, Tom Vogt
ABSTRACT We outline a new systematic approach to extracting high resolution information from HAADF– STEM images which will be beneficial to the characterization of beam sensitive materials. The idea is to treat several, possibly many low electron dose images with specially adapted digital image processing concepts at a minimum allowable spatial resolution. Our goal is to keep the overall cumulative electron dose as low as possible while still staying close to an acceptable level of physical resolution. We shall present the main conceptual imaging concepts and restoration methods that we believe are suitable for carrying out such a program and, in particular, allow one to correct special acquisition artifacts which result in blurring, aliasing, rastering distortions and noise.
KEYWORDS high resolution imaging for STEM, iterated nonlocal means