328 RWTH Publication No: 47333        2011        IGPM328.pdf
TITLE A Level Set Reduced Basis Approach to Parameter Estimation
AUTHORS Martin A. Grepl, Karen Veroy
ABSTRACT We introduce an efficient level set framework to parameter estimation problems governed by parametrized partial differential equations. The main ingredients are: (i) an “admissible region” approach to parameter estimation; (ii) the certified reduced basis method for efficient and reliable solution of parametrized partial differential equations; and (iii) a parameter-space level set method for construction of the admissible region. The method can handle nonconvex and multiply connected regions. Numerical results for two examples in design and inverse problems illustrate the versatility of the approach.
KEYWORDS reduces basis methods, parameter dependence, partial differential equations, level set methods, parameter estimation
DOI 10.1016/j.crma.2011.10.020
PUBLICATION Comptes rendus mathematique
349(23/24), 1229-1232 (2011)