334 RWTH Publication No: 47343        2011        IGPM334.pdf
TITLE Volume Mesh Generation for Numerical Flow Simulations Using Catmull-Clark and Surface Approximation Methods
AUTHORS Michael Rom, Karl-Heinz Brakhage
ABSTRACT In this paper we present a new technique for the semi-automatic generation of volume meshes which can be used for numerical simulations of flows around given geometries. Our aim is to end up with a high-quality block-structured volume mesh connected to a smooth surface mesh. For this purpose we start with a polyhedron giving a rough approximation of the target surface geometry which can be of arbitrary genus. To this initial polyhedron we apply an alternating iterative process of Catmull-Clark subdivisions and approximations of the target surface. Usually, such a surface is given by a collection of trimmed B-spline surfaces. Hence, the best approximation results can be achieved by projecting the points of the Catmull- Clark limit surface, which converges to uniform bi-cubic B-spline patches, onto it and subsequently recomputing the control mesh. If we construct another polyhedron surrounding the initial polyhedron, both being automatically connected to each other, we can perform three-dimensional Catmull-Clark subdivision to the flow field between the inner and the outer surface.
KEYWORDS volume mesh generation, hexahedral meshes, Catmull-Clark subdivision, B-spline surfaces, surface approximation
PUBLICATION Proceedings of the 20th International Meshing Round Table
Paris, October 23-26, 2011