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Preprint-No.: <   372   >   Published in: August 2013   PDF-File: IGPM372_k.pdf
Title:A Comparison of Hybridized and Standard DG Methods for Target-Based hp-Adaptive Simulation of Compressible Flow
Authors:Michael Woopen, Aravind Balan, Georg May, Jochen Schütz
We present a comparison between hybridized and non-hybridized discontin- uous Galerkin methods in the context of target-based hp-adaptation. Using a discrete-adjoint approach, sensitivities with respect to output functionals are computed to drive the adaptation. From the error distribution given by the adjoint-based error estimator, h- or p-refinement is chosen based on the smoothness of the solution which can be quantified by properly-chosen smoothness indicators. Numerical results are shown for inviscid subsonic and transonic, and laminar viscous flow around the NACA0012 airfoil.
Keywords:discontinuous Galerkin methods, hybridization, hp-adaptation, adjoint-based error-estimation, compressible flow
DOI: 10.1016/j.compfluid.2014.03.023
Publication:Journal of Scientific Computing
August 2014, Volume 60, Issue 2, pp 438-456