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TITLE Effective Boundary Conditions for Compressible Flows over Rough Boundaries
AUTHORS Giulia Deolmi, Wolfgang Dahmen, Siegfried Müller
ABSTRACT Simulations of a flow over a roughness are prohibitively expensive for small scale structures. If the interest is only on some macroscale quantity it will be sufficient to model the influence of the unresolved microscale effects. Such multiscale models rely on an appropriate upscaling strategy. Here the strategy originally developed by Achdou et al. 1   for incompressible flows is extended to compressible high-Reynolds number flow. For proof of concept a laminar flow over a flat plate with partially embedded roughness is simulated. The results are compared with computations on a rough domain.
KEYWORDS homogenization, Navier wall law, compressible flow, upscaling strategy, effective problem
DOI 10.1142/S0218202515500323
PUBLICATION Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences
25(7), 1257-1297, (2015)