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Preprint-No.: <   397   >   Published in: June 2014   PDF-File: IGPM397.pdf
Title:Kinetic Part-Feeding Models for Assembly Lines in Automotive Industries
Authors:Michael Herty, Lena Michailidis, Marcus Ziegler
This paper deals with the modeling of production processes in automotive industries by models based on partial differential equations.The basic idea consists on the derivation of kinetic equations to model production flow on an assembly line. Numerical results based on data of an assembly plant are presented. The work implements a recent discussion [34, 38] for general flow on unstructured networks.
Keywords:network dynamics, kinetic theory, asymptotic analysis
DOI: 10.1142/S0218202515500104
Publication:Mathematical Models and Methds in Applied Sciences (M3AS)
Vol. 25, No. 02, pp. 283-308 (2015)