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TITLE Modeling of multi-component flows with phase transition and application to collapsing bubbles
AUTHORS Ee Han, Maren Hantke, Siegfried Müller
ABSTRACT The classical two-phase flow model of Baer and Nunziato is generalized to a thermody- namic consistent multi-component model in multi dimensions. The extended model allows to deal with phase transitions where exchange processes are modeled by relaxation terms. In particular, chemical relaxation is based on chemical potentials instead of Gibbs free energies. New procedures to determine the equilibrium state are derived that in combi- nation with local grid refinement significantly reduce the computational effort and allow for multi-dimensional computations also for more than two components. Artificial param- eters in the model as well as numerical threshold values frequently introduced to stabilize the computation are not needed for the extended model. Stability and efficiency of the model and the implementation is verified by means of a spherical symmetric collapse of a laser induced cavitation bubble as well as two-dimensional shock bubble interaction for three-component fluid, where thermal relaxation is performed in the entire flow field.
KEYWORDS multi-component fluids, non-equilibrium model, phase transition, relaxation process, bubble collapse
DOI 10.1016/j.jcp.2017.02.066
PUBLICATION Journal of computational physics
Volume 338, 217 - 239 (2017)