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Preprint-No.: <   458   >   Published in: November 2016   PDF-File: IGPM458.pdf
Title:Fluid-structure coupling of linear elastic model with compressible flow models
Authors:Michael Herty, Siegfried Müller, Nils Gerhard, Gaoming Xiang, Bing Wang
A novel coupling strategy for the simulation of fluid-structure interactions is introduced. The strategy is motivated by recent work on coupling of flows on networks. Here the novelty is to use an explicit approach rather an implicit approach that avoids costly nested iterations where the fluid solver and the solid solver are called alternatingly. This concept is exemplified for the coupling of a linear elastic structure with an ideal gas. The coupling procedure relies on the solution of a nonlinear equation. Existence and uniqueness of the solution is proven. The coupling conditions are validated by means of quasi-1D problems for which an explicit solution can be determined. For a more realistic scenario a 2D application is considered where a hot gas bubble at low pressure collapses in a cold gas at high pressure near an adjacent structure.
Keywords:fluid-structure interaction, coupling conditions, linear elastic model, compressible flow