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TITLE Efficient implementation of adaptive order reconstructions
AUTHORS Matteo Semplice, Giuseppe Visconti
ABSTRACT Including polynomials with small degree and stencil when designing very high order reconstructions is surely beneficial for their non oscillatory properties, but may bring loss of accuracy on smooth data unless special care is exerted. In this paper we address this issue with a new Central WENOZ (CWENOZ) approach, in which the reconstruction polynomial is computed from a single set of non linear weights, but the linear weights of the polynomials with very low degree (compared to the final desired accuracy) are infinitesimal with respect to the grid size. After proving general results that guide the choice of the CWENOZ parameters, we study a concrete example of a reconstruction that blends polynomials of degree six, four and two, mimicking already published Adaptive Order WENO reconstructions [4, 2]. The novel reconstruction yields similar accuracy and oscillations with respect to the previous ones, but saves up to 20% computational time since it does not rely on a hierarchic approach and thus does not compute multiple sets of nonlinear weights in each cell.
KEYWORDS CWENOZ-AO, polynomial reconstruction, weighted essentially nonoscillatory, CWENOZ, adaptive order WENO, finite volume schemes, hyperbolic systems, conservation and balance laws
DOI 10.1007/s10915-020-01156-6
PUBLICATION Journal of Scientific Computing, 83, 6 (2020)