512 IGPM512.pdf        March 2021
TITLE Finite element discretization methods for velocity-pressure and stream function formulations of surface Stokes equations
AUTHORS Philip Brandner, Thomas Jankuhn, Simon Praetorius, Arnold Reusken, Axel Voigt
ABSTRACT In this paper we study parametric TraceFEM and parametric SurfaceFEM (SFEM) discretizations of a surface Stokes problem. These methods are applied both to the Stokes problem in velocity-pressure formulation and in stream function formulation. A class of higher order methods is presented in a unified framework. Numerical efficiency aspects of the two formulations are discussed and a systematic comparison of TraceFEM and SFEM is given. A benchmark problem is introduced in which a scalar reference quantity is defined and numerically determined.
KEYWORDS surface Stokes equation, trace finite element method (TraceFEM), surface finite element method (SFEM), Taylor-Hood finite elements, stream function formulation, higher order surface approximation