521 RWTH Publication No: 852581        2022        IGPM521.pdf
TITLE Analytical investigation of 1D Darcy-Forchheimer flow under local thermal nonequilibrium
AUTHORS Siegfried Müller, Michael Rom
ABSTRACT In the context of transpiration cooling, a 1D porous medium model consisting of a temperature system and a mass-momentum system is derived from the 2D/3D Darcy-Forchheimer equations. The temperatures of the coolant and the solid are assumed to be in local nonequilibrium. This system is analytically verified to have a unique solution. Transpiration cooling simulations are performed by a two-domain approach, coupling the assembled 1D porous medium solutions with 2D solutions of a hot gas flow solver. A comparison of results obtained by applying the 1D porous medium model with the temperature system either including or neglecting fluid heat conduction justifies the use of the latter simplified system
KEYWORDS transpiration cooling, 1D porous medium flow, Darcy-Forchheimer, local thermal nonequilibrium