549 RWTH Publication No: 691493        2017       
TITLE Analysis of risk levels for traffic on a multi-lane highway
AUTHORS Michael Herty, Giuseppe Visconti
ABSTRACT We present an analysis of risk levels on multi-lane roads. The aim is to use the crash metrics to understand which direction of the flow mainly influences the safety in traffic flow. In fact, on multi-lane highways interactions among vehicles occur also with lane changing and we show that they strongly affect the level of potential conflicts. In particular, in this study we consider the Time-To-Collision as risk metric and we use the experimental data collected on the A3 German highway.
KEYWORDS Traffic flow, multi-lane highways, risk levels, time-to-collision
DOI 10.1016/j.ifacol.2018.07.008
PUBLICATION iFAC-PapersOnLine Vol. 51, Issue 9, 2018, Pages 43-48