558 RWTH Publication No: 811902        2020       
TITLE Algorithmic differentiation of hyperbolic flow problems
AUTHORS Michael Herty, Jonathan Hüser, Uwe Naumann, Thomas Schilden, Wolfgang Schröder
ABSTRACT We are interested in the development of an algorithmic differentiation framework for computing approximations to tangent vectors to scalar and systems of hyperbolic partial differential equations. The main difficulty of such a numerical method is the presence of shock waves that are resolved by proposing a numerical discretization of the calculus introduced in Bressan and Marson [Rend. Sem. Mat. Univ. Padova, 94:79-94, 1995]. Numerical results are presented for the one-dimensional Burgers equation and the Euler equations. Using the essential routines of a state-of-the-art code for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as a starting point, three modifications are required to apply the introduced calculus. First, the CFD code is modified to solve an additional equation for the shock location. Second, we customize the computation of the corresponding tangent to the shock location. Finally, the modified method is enhanced by algorithmic differentiation. Applying the introduced calculus to problems of the Burgers equation and the Euler equations, it is found that correct sensitivities can be computed, whereas the application of black-box algorithmic differentiation fails.
KEYWORDS Conservation laws, algorithmic differentiation, tangent vectors, numerical computation
DOI 10.1016/j.jcp.2021.110110
PUBLICATION Journal of Computational Physics, Volume 430, 1 April 2021, 110110