577 RWTH Publication No: 918219        2022       
TITLE Derivation and stability analysis of macroscopic multi-lane models for vehicular traffic flow
AUTHORS Matteo Piu, Michael Herty, Gabriella Puppo
ABSTRACT The mathematical modeling and the stability analysis of multi-lane traffic in the macroscopic scale is considered. We propose a new first order model derived from microscopic dynamics with lane changing, leading to a coupled system of hyperbolic balance laws. The macroscopic limit is derived without assuming ad hoc space and time scalings. The analysis of the stability of the equilibria of the model is discussed. The proposed numerical tests confirm the theoretical findings between the macroscopic and microscopic modeling, and the results of the stability analysis.
KEYWORDS Vehicular traffic; multi-lane; macroscopic limit; balance laws; stability
DOI 10.1137/22M1543288