614 RWTH Publication No: 963366        2023       
TITLE Monitoring the evolution of dimensional accuracy and product properties in property-controlled forming processes
AUTHORS Sophie Charlotte Stebner, Juri Martschin, Bahman Arian, Stefan Dietrich, Martin Feistle, Sebastian Hütter, Rémi Lafarge, Robert Laue, Xinyang Li, Christopher Schulte, Daniel Spies, Ferdinand Thein, Frank Wendler, Malte Wrobel, Julian Rozo Vasquez, Michael Dölz, Sebastian Münstermann
ABSTRACT As recent trends in manufacturing engineering disciplines show a clear development in the sustainable as well as economically efficient design of forming processes, monitoring techniques have been gaining in relevance. In terms of monitoring of product properties, most processes are currently open-loop controlled, entailing that the microstructure evolution, which determines the final product properties, is not considered. However, a closed-loop control that can adjust and manipulate the process actuators according to the required product properties of the component will lead to a considerable increase in efficiency of the processes regarding resources and will decrease postproduction of the component. For most forming processes, one set of component dimensions will result in a certain set of product properties. However, to successfully establish closed-loop property controls for the processes, a systematic understanding of the reciprocity of the dimensions after forming and final product properties must be established. This work investigates the evolution of dimensional accuracy as well as product properties for a series of forming processes that utilize different degrees of freedom for process control.
KEYWORDS microstructure evolution, microstructure, process, product property, component performance, soft sensor, monitoring, non-destructive testing, closed-loop control
DOI 10.1016/j.aime.2023.100133