628 RWTH Publication No: 974383        2023       
TITLE Speed limits in traffic emission models using multi-objective optimization
AUTHORS Simone Göttlich, Michael Herty, Alena Ulke
ABSTRACT Climate change compels a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, yet vehicular traffic still contributes significantly to the emission of air pollutants. Hence, in this paper we focus on the optimization of traffic flow while simultaneously minimizing air pollution using speed limits as controllable parameters. We introduce a framework of traffic emission models to simulate the traffic dynamic as well as the production and spread of air pollutants. We formulate a multi-objective optimization problem for the optimization of multiple aspects of vehicular traffic. The results show that multi-objective optimization can be a valuable tool in traffic emission modeling as it allows to find optimal compromises between ecological and economic objectives.
KEYWORDS traffic flow network, emission models, multi-objective optimization, numerical simulations