637 RWTH Publication No: 956722        2023       
TITLE Numerical schemes for a class of nonlocal conservation laws: a general approach
AUTHORS Jan Friedrich, Sanjibanee Sudha, Samala Rathan
ABSTRACT In this work we present a rather general approach to approximate the solutions of nonlocal conservation laws. In a first step, we approximate the nonlocal term with an appropriate quadrature rule applied to the spatial discretization. Then, we apply a nu- merical flux function on the reduced problem. We present explicit conditions which such a numerical flux function needs to fulfill. These conditions guarantee the convergence to the weak entropy solution of the considered model class. Numerical examples validate our theoretical results and demonstrate that the approach can be applied to other nonlocal problems.
KEYWORDS Nonlocal conservation laws, Monotone schemes, Traffic flow, Sedimentation model, Finite-volume schemes
DOI 10.3934/nhm.2023058