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Prof. Dr. Arnold Reusken

Chair for Numerical Mathematics

+49 - 241 - 809 7972
+49 - 241 - 809 2349 (fax)

Research Interests

  • Numerical methods for partial differential equations
  • Finite element methods
  • Multigrid solvers
  • Numerical methods for incompressible Stokes- and Navier-Stokes equations
  • Numerical methods for two-phase incompressible flow problems

Some activities and projects

  • Member of AICES: Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science

  • Member of CCES: Center for Computational Engineering Science

  • Member of Cluster of Excellence Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass.
    • Project: "Modeling and simulation of droplets with variable surface properties", (2010-2012)

  • Coordinator of DFG Priority Programme 1506 Transport Processes at Fluidic Interfaces.
    • Project: "Numerical methods for two-phase incompressible flows with mass transport", 2010-2013
    • Project: "Numerical methods for two-phase incompressible flows with mass transport", 2013-2016

  • DFG-SNF project "Parallel multilevel solvers for coupled interface problems" (joint with Prof. Dr. R. Krause, Universität Lugano), 2013-2016

  • DFG project "Development and analysis of an Eulerian finite element method for PDEs on implicitly defined surfaces" (joint with Prof. Dr. Maxim Olshanskii, Moscow University), 2011-2013

  • DFG project "Mass transport in falling liquid films" ( joint with Prof.Dr.-Ing. M. Modigell, Prof.Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Marquardt), 2010-2013

  • Member of Graduiertenkollegs (DFG projects):

  • Member of Collaborative Research Centres (DFG projects)

    • SFB 401: "Strömungsbeeinflussung und Strömungs-Struktur-Wechselwirkung an Tragflügeln", (2000-2008)
      • Project: "Parallele, adaptive Verfahren zur Behandlung von Strömungs-Struktur-Wechselwirkungen"
      • Project: "Iterative Lösungsverfahren für nichtlineare Gleichungssysteme in Lösern für stationäre, kompressible Strömungen"
    • SFB 540: "Model-based Experimental Analysis of Kinetic Phenomena in Fluid Multi-phase Reactive Systems", (1999-2009)
      • Project B4: "Multigrid Methods for the Numerical Simulation of Reactive Multiphase Fluid Flow Models"
      • Project C6: "Adaptive Parameter Estimation Methods for Flow Problems"

  • Development of the software package DROPS for numerical simulations of two-phase imcompressible flows

Workshops, etc.

Editorial activities

Chairman of the Department of Mathematics, 2006 - 2008