Seminar: Current Topics in Approximation Theory (SoSe 2023)

Prof. Dr. Markus Bachmayr


In this seminar, we discuss recent research in approximation theory and related numerical methods, with focus on the following areas:
  • High-dimensional problems
  • Low-rank tensor approximations
  • Sampling-based methods
  • Computational optimal transport


If you are interested in participating in the seminar, please contact Prof. Bachmayr directly. Registration is via RWTHonline. If you register for the seminar you will automatically get access to the course room in RWTHmoodle.


Some selected papers:

  • Ben Adcock, Anders C. Hansen, and Clarice Poon. Beyond consistent reconstructions: optimality and sharp bounds for generalized sampling, and application to the uniform resampling problem. SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis, 45(5):3132–3167, 2013.
  • Albert Cohen and Giovanni Migliorati. Optimal weighted least-squares methods. The SMAI journal of computational mathematics, 3:181-203, 2017.
  • Jakob Zech and Youssef Marzouk. Sparse Approximation of Triangular Transports, Part II: The Infinite-Dimensional Case. Constructive Approximation 55(3):987-1036, 2022.
  • Gianluca Ceruti, Jonas Kusch, and Christian Lubich. A rank-adaptive robust integrator for dynamical low-rank approximation. BIT Numer Math 62:1149–1174, 2022.