Numerical analysis as a separate research topic in mathematics started in the early years (1940-1950) of the arrival of electronic computers. It is concerned with the efficient numerical solution of problems derived from mathematical models. As these models describe many aspects of the world, predictive quantitative information will be obtained from the numerical solutions of the problems. Since many years numerical analysis is a well established discipline at most universities and research laboratories.
In general one studies algorithms for the determination of numerical approximate values for the solution of mathematical problems (like partial differential equations, large systems of linear equations and non-linear equations) with full error control. Furthermore one develops efficient methods to provide solutions with the help of (parallel) computers.
Typical problems are stated frequently in the form of partial differential equations or as systems of linear equations with a large number of unknowns. Numerical Linear Algebra is concerned with the stability of the solutions with respect to perturbation of data and with the development of algorithms to compute the solutions and their computational complexity.
Among my research interests in the area are:
  • Multigrid methods for generalized Stokes equations
  • Algebraic Multilevel Iteration Methods
  • Iterative Preconditioned Methods
  • Multigrid Eigensolvers
  • Parallel algorithms
  • Direct Methods


Scientific interests




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