Anna Thünen

Institut für Geometrie und Praktische Mathematik
RWTH Aachen
Templergraben 55
52056 Aachen

Hauptgegbäude 128.2
+49 241 80-94 559
+49 241 80-92 390


  • Multi-Leader-Follower Games
  • Equilibrium Problems with Equilibrium Constraints
  • Dynamic Games
  • Mean Field Games



  • I am Vice President of the Student Chapter of SIAM in Aachen. Check out our blog.
  • I am organizing a session on Nash Equilibrium Problems and Extensions (hierarchy, dynamics and applications) for ICCOPT in Berlin August, 5-8. Email me by February 7 in case you would like to contribute.
  • I am co-organizing MESIGA 2019 [Meeting of European SIAM and GAMM Chapters] which will take place in Aachen September, 9-11.
  • I served as referee for Mathematics of Computation.


  • Upcoming: 6th Day on Computational Game Theory, Potsdam, 2019
  • Upcoming: 90th GAMM Annual Meeting, Vienna, 2019
  • Upcoming: Woman in Optimization (Poster), Bonn, 2019
  • Upcoming: ”European Network for Game Theory” Workshop, Cluj-Napoca, 2019
  • LANS Informal Seminar, Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, 2018
  • International Symposium of Mathematical Programming, Bordeaux, 2018
  • Winter School on Modern Methods in Nonsmooth Optimization (Poster), Würzburg, 2018
  • Annual Meeting of SPP 1962 (with Alexandra Schwartz), Berlin, 2017
  • Meeting of European SIAM Student Chapters, Prague, 2017
  • Workshop on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Hamburg, 2016


  • Seminar: Differential Games, Organization, winter term 2018/19
  • Mathematik I/II (für Bauing., Umwelting., Wirtschaftsing. FR Bau, Mobilität und Verkehr), co-Organization and exercise sessions , winter term 2017/18 - present