9:00-10:00 Evrim Acar Ataman All-at-once Optimization for Mining Higher-order Tensors Abstract ---
10:30-11:15 Andre Uschmajew A local convergence theory of the ALS algorithm for tensor approximation Abstract ---
11:15-12:00 Hans De Sterck Extending GMRES to Nonlinear Optimization: Application to Tensor Approximation Abstract ---
14:00-15:00 Berkant Savas Low rank tensor approximation---Krylov-type methods and perturbation theory Abstract Slides
15:30-16:15 Mansoor Rezghi --- did not show up ---
16:15-17:00 Ognyan Khounchev Tensor Decompositions and new models in Spectral theory Abstract ---


9:00-10:00 Lars Grasedyck Direct Solution of SPDEs in H-Tucker Abstract Slides
10:30-11:15 Gerwald Lichtenberg Towards state space identification for multilinear systems by hierarchical tensor decomposition Abstract ---
11:15-12:00 Stefan Hoffmann An approach to hierarchical algebraic decomposition of Boolean tensors Abstract ---
14:00-15:00 Rob Stevenson The adaptive piecewise tensor product wavelet scheme for solving operator equations Abstract ---
15:30-16:15 Christine Tobler Preconditioned low-rank methods for high-dimensional elliptic PDE-eigenvalue problems Abstract ---
16:15-17:00 Reinhold Schneider Optimization in recent tensor formats Abstract ---


9:00-10:00 Lek-Heng Lim Multilinear Algebraic Analogues of Linear Algebraic Notions Abstract ---
10:30-11:15 Ivan Oseledets Multiparametric model reduction using TT-format Abstract ---
11:15-12:00 Dmitry Savostyanov FFT and cross interpolation schemes for QTT format Abstract ---
14:00-15:00 Thomas Huckle Computations in Quantum Tensor Networks Abstract Slides
15:30-16:30 Mike Espig Tensor Networks Abstract ---
16:30-17:30 Boris Khoromskij Tensor Numerical Methods for High-Dimensional PDEs: Prospects and Limitations Abstract ---


9-12:00 Everyone is invited for discussion