Date: February 18.-19 (2013)
Location: Room 224.3 in the main building


Lars Grasedyck, Anne Hanrath
Jens Haueisen, Robert Bisping
Thomas Knösche, Jae-Hyun Cho, Hermann Sonntag
Burkhart Maeß, Dominic Portain
Carsten Wolters, Sven Wagner, Falk Meyer, Johannes Vorwerk


Johannes Vorwerk: MEG and EEG forward modeling using FEM
Anne Hanrath: local refinement for the Blurred Dipole Ansatz
Falk Meyer: Adaptivity and Hanging Nodes in Dune-Fem
Sven Wagner: Sensitivity of EEG leads to volume conduction properties (20+10 min)
Hermann Sonntag: Influence of spatial sampling on finite element EEG/MEG forward solutions
Dominic Portain: Dipole localization accuracy and causality measures (20+10 min)
Jens Haueisen: Experiments involving animals and phantoms
Jae-Hyun Cho: Connectivity measures