251 IGPM.pdf        May 2005
TITLE Well-Balanced Finite Volume Schemes of Arbitrary Order of Accuracy for Shallow Water Flows
AUTHORS Sebastian Noelle, Normann Pankratz, Gabriella Puppo, Jostein R. Natvig
ABSTRACT Many geophysical are merely perturbations of some fundamental equilibrium state. If a numerical scheme shall capture such efficiently, it should be able to preserve the unperturbed equilibrium state at the discrete level. Here we present a class of schemes of any desired order of accuracy which preserve the lake at rest perfectly. These schemes should have an impact for studying important classes of lake and ocean flows.
KEYWORDS hyperbolic conservation laws, source terms, shallow water equations, well-balanced schemes, finite volume schemes, WENO reconstruction
DOI 10.1016/j.jcp.2005.08.019
PUBLICATION Journal of computational physics
213(2), 474-499 (2006)