325 IGPM325.pdf        May 2011
TITLE Reduced Basis a Posteriori Error Bounds for Parametrized Linear-Quadratic Elliptic Optimal Control Problems
AUTHORS Martin A. Grepl, Mark Kärcher
ABSTRACT We employ the reduced basis method as a surrogate model for the solution of optimal control problems governed by parametrized partial differential equations (PDEs) and develop rigorous a posteriori error bounds for the error in the optimal control and the associated error in the cost functional. The proposed bounds can be efficiently evaluated in an offline-online computational procedure. We present numerical results that confirm the validity of our approach.
KEYWORDS Optimal control, partial differential equations, model reduction, a posteriori error estimation, reduced basis methods
DOI 10.1016/j.crma.2011.07.010
PUBLICATION Comptes rendus mathematique
349(15/16), 873-877 (2011)