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Preprint-No.: <   391   >   Published in: April 2014   PDF-File: IGPM391.pdf
Title:High-Order Accurate, Fully Discrete Entropy Stable Schemes for Scalar Conservation Laws
Authors:Hamed Zakerzadeh, Ulrik S. Fjordholm
The recently developed TECNO schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws are designed to be high-order accurate and entropy stable, but are, as of yet, only semi-discrete. We perform an explicit discretization of the temporal derivative to obtain a fully discrete scheme, and derive a non-strict CFL condition that ensures global entropy stability. The scheme is tested in a series of numerical experiments.
Keywords:conservation laws, entropy stable schemes, fully discrete schemes
DOI: 10.1093/imanum/drv020
Publication:IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis (2016)
36 (2), 633-654