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Preprint-No.: <   422   >   Published in: May 2015   PDF-File: IGPM422.pdf
Title:On the Mach-Uniformity of Lagrange-Projection Scheme
Authors:Hamed Zakerzadeh
In the present work, we show that the Lagrange–projection scheme presented in Coquel et al.’s paper (Math. of Comp. 79.271 (2010): 1493– 1533), is asymptotic preserving for isentropic Euler equations, i.e. at the dis- crete level it preserves the incompressible limit, satisfies the div-free condition as well as the asymptotic expansion for the density in the continuous level. Moreover, we prove that the scheme is positivity-preserving, L -stable and entropy-admissible under some Mach-uniform restrictions. The analysis is similar to what has been presented in the original paper, but with the emphasis on the uniformity regarding the Mach number.
Keywords:All-Mach number scheme, Lagrange–projection scheme, asymptotic preserving scheme, stability analysis