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Preprint-No.: <   436   >   Published in: October 2015   PDF-File: IGPM436.pdf
Title:Red-Green Refinement of Simplicial Meshes in D Dimensions
Authors:Jörg Grande
This paper treats the local red-green mesh refinement of consistent, simplicial meshes in d dimensions. A constructive solution to the green closure problem in dimension d is given. Suppose that T is a mesh and that R is an arbitrary subset of its faces, which is refined with the Coxeter-Freudenthal-Kuhn (red) refinement rule. Green refinements of simplices S ∈ T are generated to restore the consistency of the mesh using a particular placing triangulation. No new vertices are created in this process. The green refinements are consistent with the red refinement on R , the unrefined mesh regions, and all other neighboring green refinements.
Keywords: mesh refinement, red-green refinement, green closure, simplicial meshes