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TITLE Mathematical Modeling of Ceramic-Bonded Grinding Wheel Structures
AUTHORS Michael Rom, Karl-Heinz Brakhage, Sebastian Barth, Christian Wrobel, Patrick Mattfeld, Fritz Klocke
ABSTRACT The proper choice of a grinding tool is essential for a productive grinding process and a high quality of the resulting work piece surface. Hence, the grinding wheel structure consisting of abrasive grain material, bonding material and pores has to be composed wisely. We present a new approach for mathematically modeling such grinding wheel structures with the objective of predicting the volumetric composition of the grinding wheel components such that grinding requirements can be met without using trial and error methods. For the model, we focus on a small element of a grinding wheel, such as a cube, which we call volumetric structure element (VSE). In this paper, we concentrate on several aspects of the modeling procedure, namely the initial grain arrangement, a collision-free grain rotation and translation algorithm to obtain required grain volume fractions in a VSE, the tetrahedral mesh generation for a whole VSE and the modeling of ceramic bond.
KEYWORDS Mathematical Grinding Wheel Modeling, Granular Structures, Ceramic Bond, CBN
DOI 10.1016/j.matcom.2017.02.002
PUBLICATION Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
Volume 147, May 2018, Pages 220-236

MASCOT15 Proceedings
IMACS Series in Computational and Applied Mathematics (in press)