466 RWTH Publication No: 691493        2017        IGPM466.pdf
TITLE A two-dimensional data-driven model for traffic flow on highways
AUTHORS Michael Herty, Giuseppe Visconti
ABSTRACT Based on experimental traffic data obtained from German and US highways, we propose a novel two-dimensional first-order macroscopic traffic flow model. The goal is to reproduce a detailed description of traffic dynamic for the real road geometry. In our approach both the dynamic along the road and across the lanes is continuous. The closure relations, being necessary to complete the hydrodynamic equation, are obtained by regression on fundamental diagram data. Comparison with prediction of one-dimensional models shows the improvement in performance of the novel model.
KEYWORDS traffic flow, macroscopic model, two dimensional model, trajectory data, validation, data fitting
DOI 10.3934/nhm.2018010
PUBLICATION American Institute of Mathematical Sciences June 2018, 13(2), 217-240