479 RWTH Publication No: 721172        2018        IGPM479.pdf
TITLE A Time Dependent Stokes Interface Problem: Well-Posedness and Space-Time Finite Element Discretization
AUTHORS Igor Voulis, Arnold Reusken
ABSTRACT In this paper a time dependent Stokes problem that is motivated by a standard sharp interface model for the fluid dynamics of two-phase flows is studied. This Stokes interface problem has discontinuous density and viscosity coefficients and a pressure solution that is discontinuous across an evolving interface. This strongly simplified two-phase Stokes equation is considered to be a good model problem for the development and analysis of finite element discretization methods for two-phase flow problems. In view of the unfitted finite element methods that are often used for two-phase flow simulations, we are particularly interested in a well-posed variational formulation of this Stokes interface problem in a Euclidean setting. Such well-posed weak formulations, which are not known in the literature, are the main results of this paper. Different variants are considered, namely one with suitable spaces of divergence free functions, a discrete-in-time version of it, and variants in which the divergence free constraint in the solution space is treated by a pressure Lagrange multiplier. The discrete-in-time variational formulation involving the pressure variable for the divergence free constraint is a natural starting point for a space-time finit e element discretization. Such a method is introduced and results of a numerical experiment with this method are presented.
KEYWORDS space-time variational saddle point formulation, well-posed operator equation, two-phase flow, XFEM, space-time finite element method, discontinuous galerkin, four-dimensional computations
DOI 10.1051/m2an/2018053
2018, volume 52, number 6, pp. 2187 - 2213