516 RWTH Publication No: 822054        2021        IGPM516.pdf
TITLE A class of boundary conditions for time-discrete Green-Naghdi equations with bathymetry
AUTHORS Sebastian Noelle, Martin Parisot, Tabea Tscherpel
ABSTRACT This work is devoted to the structure of the time-discrete Green-Naghdi equations including bathymetry. We use the projection structure of the equations to characterize homogeneous and inhomogeneous boundary conditions for which the semi-discrete equations are well-posed. This structure allows us to propose efficient and robust numerical treatment of the boundary conditions that ensures entropy stability of the scheme by construction. Numerical evidence is provided to illustrate that our approach is suitable for situations of practical interest that are not covered by existing theory.
KEYWORDS shallowwater flow, Green-Naghdi equations, dispersive equations, boundary conditions, prediction correction scheme, projection method, entropy satisfying scheme
DOI 10.1137/21M1426031
PUBLICATION SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis
Vol. 60, Iss. 5 (2022)