519 RWTH Publication No: 841573        2022        IGPM519.pdf
TITLE Analysis of optimal preconditioners for CutFEM
AUTHORS Sven Groß, Arnold Reusken
ABSTRACT In this paper we consider a class of unfitted finite element methods for scalar elliptic problems. These so-called CutFEM methods use standard finite element spaces on a fixed unfitted triangulation combined with the Nitsche technique and a ghost penalty stabilization. As a model problem we consider the application of such a method to the Poisson interface problem. We introduce and analyze a new class of preconditioners that is based on a subspace decomposition approach. The unfitted finite element space is split into two subspaces, where one subspace is the standard finite element space associated to the background mesh and the second subspace is spanned by all cut basis functions corresponding to nodes on the cut elements. We will show that this splitting is stable, uniformly in the discretization parameter and in the location of the interface in the triangulation. Based on this we introduce an efficient preconditioner that is uniformly spectrally equivalent to the stiffness matrix. Using a similar splitting, it is shown that the same preconditioning approach can also be applied to a fictitious domain CutFEM discretization of the Poisson equation. Results of numerical experiments are included that illustrate optimality of such preconditioners for the Poisson interface problem and the Poisson fictitious domain problem.
KEYWORDS unfitted finite elements, CutFEM, Nitsche method, interface problem, fictitious domain method, preconditioner
DOI 10.1002/nla.2486
PUBLICATION Numerical linear algebra with applications
2022, article no. e2486