Finite Volume und Finite Element Schemes

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Mueller ✉
Aleksey Sikstel, M.Sc. ✉


Course Time Room Remark
Lecture Mo 08:30 - 10:00 1010|149 Start: 06.04.2020
Wed 08:30 - 10:00 1010|149
Exercise Tue 08:30 - 10:00 1010|149 Start: 14.04.2020

Since the lecture and the tutorial cannot take place currently, this course will start as a reading course. Learning materials will be provided to all registered students on April 6th.

Contents of the course: Selected topics from Analysis and Numerics of hyperbolic conservation laws:

Part I: weak solution, shocks, concept of entropy, conservative schemes, Lax-Wendroff theorem, monotone schemes, TVD schemes, finite volume discretization, approximate Riemann solvers, discrete entropy inequality, convergence, numerical treatment of boundary conditions,

Part II: finite element discontinuous Galerkin schemes, limiter, time discretization, TVD property, convergence in the mean, grid adaptation, multiresolution analysis.

Previous Knowledge Expected

Knowledge on numerics of partial differential equations.


Specifically, students gain deeper insight in either the numerical treatment of hyperbolic conservation laws using finite volume methods and finite element discontinuous Galerkin methods. Furthermore, students are able to describe the basic concepts of the convergence analysis.