DFG-SPPEXA, Munich, January 21-23
GAMM Annual Meeting, Vienna, February 18-22
Winter School on Hierarchical Matrices, Kiel, March 4-8
MPI-MIS Leipzig: Low-rank Optimization and Applications, Leipzig, April 1-5
UNCECOMP, Crete, June 24-26
ICIAM, Valencia, July 15-19
[P] IMG, Kunming, August 12-15
MFO: Innovative Approaches to the Numerical Approximation of PDEs, Oberwolfach, September 1-7
GAMM FA Numerical Analysis, Essen, September 11-12
DFG-SPP1886 Annual Meeting, Hamburg, September 26-27
METT, Magdeburg, November 6-8


M3HPCST, Ghaziabad, January 4-6
MATRIX Workshop, Creswick, February 3-16
Winter School: Hierarchical Matrices, Kiel, February 26 - March 2
INI Workshop: Uncertainty Quantification, Cambridge, March 5-9
GAMM Annual Meeting, Munich, March 19-23
Matrix Function Workshop, Lille, June 31 - July 1
ESI, Vienna, July 11-15
[P] ApplMath, Sibenik, September 17-20
HIM Workshop: Analysis and Computation in High Dimensions, Bonn, October 1-5
DFG-SPP1886 Annual Meeting, Udine, October 8-12
Tensor Workshop, Braunschweig, November 26-27


METT, Pisa, February 13-16
DFG-SPP1886: Surrogate Models, Erlangen, March 14-15
Oberwolfach: Multiscale and High-Dimensional Problems, Oberwolfach, March 27-31
Winter School on Hierarchical Matrices, Kiel, April 3-7
Wavelet and tensor methods for partial differential equations, Berlin, May 2-6
Gene Golub Summer School, Berlin, June 5-9
UNCECOMP, Rhodos, June 14-16
FoCM, Barcelona, July 8-12
DFG-SPP1886 Annual Meeting, Munich, October 12-13


DFG SPPEXA Annual Meeting, Munich, January 25-27
Hausdorff School: Low-rank Tensor Techniques in Numerical Analysis and Optimization, Bonn, April 20-22
Workshop: Challenges in High-Dimensional Analysis and Computation, Venice, May 2-6
Institut Mittag-Leffler: Uncertainty Quantification, Djursholm, May 9-13
ILAS, Leuven, July 11-15
WIAS Summer School/Workshop: Uncertainty Quantification, September 13-16
Kickoff SPP1886, Dresden, September 27-28
IMG, Bruchsal, December 5
MPI-MIS Leipzig: Tensors: Algebra meets Numerics, Leipzig, December12-16


Oberwolfach:New Discr. Sch. f. PDE , Oberwolfach, January 12-16
Winterschool on Hierarchical Matrices, Aachen, March 2-6
SIAM CSE, Salt Lake City, March 14-18
GAMM Annual Meeting, Lecce, March 23-27
HIM Workshop: Low-rank Optimization and Applications, Bonn, June 8-12
SIAM ALA, Atlanta, October 26-30
WIAS Workshop:Direct and Inverse Problems for PDEs with Random Coefficients, Berlin, November 9-13


SHAXC-2 Workshop, KAUST, May 3-6
Oberwolfach:Schnelle Löser für Partielle Differentialgleichungen, Oberwolfach, May 12-16
[P] 8th Conference on Curves and Surfaces, Paris, June 12-18
Final Meeting DFG SPP 1324, Magdeburg, November 24-28


GAMM Seminar Leipzig on Numerical Methods for Uncertainty Quantification, Leipzig, January 21-23
SimBio-Workshop, Aachen, February 18-19
Winterschool on Hierarchical Matrices, Leipzig, March 11-15
Matrix Functions, Manchester, April 10-12
Tensor Networks Workshop, Zürich, May 15-17
MAFELAP, Brunel, June 11-14
SimBio-Workshop, Ilmenau, July 23-24
Oberwolfach:Multiscale, Oberwolfach, July 29 - August 2
ENUMATH 2013, Lausanne, August 26-30
HIM Workshop: Discrepancy, Bonn, September 23-27
Matrix Equations Workshop, Lausanne, October 10-11
Symposium on Scientific Computing, Bruchsal, October 22-24
Oberwolfach: EWP, Oberwolfach, November 18-22
SPP1324 Annual Meeting, Eisenach, December 4-6


GAMM Seminar Leipzig on Analysis and Numerical Methods in Higher Dimensions, Leipzig, January 16-17
Winterschool on Hierarchical Matrices, Leipzig, March 12-15
Mini-Workshop, Aachen, May 14
GAMM annual meeting 2012, Darmstadt, March 26-30
[P] ALA2012, Valencia, June 18-22
[P] EMG 2012, Schwetzingen Castle, August 13-17
SimBio-Workshop, Leipzig, September 3-4
Advances in Numerical Methods for PDEs, Berlin, October 8-9
Scientific Computing Colloquium, MPI Leipzig, October 11
SPP1324 Annual Meeting, Eisenach, November 28-30
Sparse Representation of Functions, MATHEON, TU-Berlin, December 10-14


GAMM Seminar Leipzig on approximation of multiparametric functions, Leipzig, January 26-28
DD 20, San Diego, February 7-11
Computational Methods in High-Dimensional Application, Leipzig, March 9-11
GAMM Annual Meeting, Graz, April 18-22
Oberwolfach: Fast Solvers, Oberwolfach, May 23-27
HDA, Bonn, June 26-30
Summerschool on Hierarchical Matrices, Bonn, July 25-29
Workshop and School on Tensor Approximation in High Dimension, Bonn, August 1-5
Workshop on High-Dimensional Aspects of Stochastic PDEs, Bonn, August 8-12
ILAS, Braunschweig, August 22-26
SimBio-Workshop, Aachen, August 29-30
Workshop on Matrix Equations and Tensor Techniques, RWTH Aachen, November 21-22


ILAS, Pisa, June 21-25
SCSeminar, Kiel, June 28-29
Oberwolfach:Multilevel Methods, Oberwolfach, August 2-6
Tensor Summer School, Zürich, August 23-27
Tensor Workshop, Nice, September 8-10
TDA, Monopoli, September 13-17
EMG, Ischia, September 20-22
SPP1324 Annual Meeting, Eisenach, October 27-29