droplet in measuring cell pressure distribution velocity field
Droplet in equilibrium position in the measuring cell: shape of the droplet, pressure distribution, and velocity field.

Grid for center part of the measuring cell.

distributed grid parallel refinement
Parallel version (using MPI): grid distributed over 4 processors, parallel refinement.


Rising Droplets

Rising butanol droplet in water (with grid)
The rising of butanol droplet in water is due to buoyancy. The mesh is adaptively refined/coarsened according to the position of the interface.
March 07, 2008.

Large wobbling butanol droplet rising in water
April, 2009.

Load balancing of grid on 4 processors for rising droplet problem
March 07, 2008.

Droplet reaching the equilibrium position in the measuring cell
March 07, 2008.

Two colliding butanol droplets
DROPS package is able to handle topological changes of droplets.
September 22, 2008.

Two colliding butanol droplets with velocity field
September 23, 2008.

Flows with mass transport

A rising droplet with mass transport
A butanol droplet is positioned (nonsymmetrically) in a cuboid container of water. The butanol droplet is rising due to buoyancy and heavily deforming in this process. The fluid dynamic and the dissolution process of a species which dissolves from the butanol droplet into the ambient bulk phase is simulated. Across the moving interface Henry's interface condition prescribes a jump of the concentration. To resolve the flow features a heuristic adaptive refinement is used.
October 19, 2015.

Flows with surfactants

The breakup process of a droplet with surfactants
An initially spherical droplet is placed in a simple shear flow. On the interface there exists insoluble surfactants, which are initially uniformly distributed. Langmuir model is used to describe the relation between surface tension coefficient and the surfactant concentration. The capillary number is above critical. The droplet breaks up into smaller droplets.
October 19, 2015.

Falling Film

Silicone oil film, ambient air
March 07, 2008.

Artificial material data
March 07, 2008.

A thin layer of silicone oil flowing down an inclined wall with air outside.
Nov. 17, 2016.

Flows with moving contact lines

Droplet spreading on a flat plate.
Nov. 17 2016.

A rising Butanol droplet hits the top surface.
Dec. 08, 2016.

A water droplet impacts on a plain plate with the initial velocity 0.35 m/s.
Dec. 12, 2016.

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