Aktuelle Themen aus der Numerik im WS 2022/2023

Prof. Bachmayr   ■   Prof. Grasedyck   ■   Prof. Grepl  ■   Prof. Herty  ■   Prof. Müller  ■   Prof. Noelle  ■   Prof. Reusken

Termin Ort/Zeit Vortragende(r) Thema
13.10.2022 R149/14:00 Thomas Izgin (Uni Kassel) Positivity-Preserving Schemes and their Local Stability Properties
10.11.2022 R149/14:00 Matthieu Dolbeault (Sorbonne Univ) Reduced order models for elliptic problems with high contrast diffusion coefficients
01.12.2022 R149/14:00 Mathias Oster (TU Berln) Tensor Train Approximation in Optimal Control
08.12.2022 R149/14:00 Dr. Damiano Lombardi (INRIA Paris) Some contributions to adaptive tensor methods for scientific computing
26.01.2023 R149/14:00 Prof. Moritz Helias (FZ Jülich) Collective Dynamics and Computation in Neuronal Networks
23.02.2023 R149/14:00 Dr. Lisa Maria Kreusser (University of Bath) Getting more out of information: From applied and numerical analysis to applications

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